Durell Washington

Durell Washington
Hello, my name is Durell Washington. I attend Fort Valley State University where I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. My family currently lives in Fairburn Georgia, but my dad was in the military so my family traveled a bit. I first heard about camp through Mr. Lucas and Mrs. Carrie, who came to my choir practice at school. I went to camp and fell in love with the whole environment, and this is my third summer back at Camp Grace. I want to work at Camp Grace again because I feel like I have planted seeds in the lives of these young individuals, and I don’t think I’m done. I also feel as if I’m growing spiritually, bringing me closer to God and ultimately making this experience a win-win for the campers and myself as well. I am most excited about interacting with the kids and witnessing the joy they will have during their stay with us. On a more serious note, I really want God to use me to minister to them. I want to be able to bring those who haven’t heard about our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ to know Him, and to bring those who do know Him closer to Him.

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